At The Blinds Factory We offer a Wide range of Electric Blinds that allow you to control you blinds exactly how you want. whether you need a large amount of motorized blinds or just 1 we have the blind for you.

We have sourced some of the best motorized blinds parts from our years of experience in the trade, all parts have been designed and picked to give you neatest fit on your windows without compromising on the blinds look or style.


our sales team can provide you with expert advice with NO HARD-SELLING techniques! we can recommend the best blinds within your home and answer any questions you have over electric blinds!

we are also only a message away on our Facebook and Instagram page!


Name an other blinds remote that looks sleek and modern. the ease of operation on the remote allows you to control upto 20 blinds per channel on our 15 channel transmitter.


if you need motorized blinds in an area where there is no power source or just would not like them wired to your mains, our battery operated blinds are the best solution for you.

here are some of our features that come with our Soft, quiet and completely wireless control of blinds. 

  • Three-step easy programming 
  • Soft closure at end limit stops preventing damage to the fabric 
  • Bi-directional wireless controls 
  • Powerful 0.5Nm motor torque 
  • Endless electronic limits 
  • Rechargeable lithium battery. 
  • Up to 300 complete open & close cycles per charge lasting approx. 6/8 months before recharging 
  • Supplied with 32mm adaptors 
  • Motor length only 457mm 
  • Home Hub Compatible 
  • Ergonomic hand and wall-mounted controls 


We can Connect your blinds to our Luxury Hub, this allows you to control all your blinds via a smart phone or alexa/google Hub

We can also intergrate our sleek remotes control blinds to a hub if you would like to upgrade at a later date!

more information on the hub can be found here:

  • App based through Shade Connector + 
  • 2.4MHz frequency 
  • Easy Setup with tutorial on the app
  • Operate your blinds from anywhere in the world 
  • Manage up to 30 Blinds 
  • Timers 
  • Set Scenes with bidirectional motors 
  • Battery strength indicator for each motor using bidirectional motors
  • Operate your blinds in increments with bidirectional motors
  • Compatible with Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, Siri and IFFFT