Why Choose Motorised Blinds, Shutters, and Awnings

Welcome to The Blinds Factory, your premier destination for cutting-edge motorised blinds, shutters, and awnings. Explore the epitome of convenience and sophistication as we delve into the myriad benefits of motorisation over manual operation. From enhanced safety and comfort to energy-saving solutions, our expertly crafted motorised blinds redefine the way you experience shading. Discover unparalleled ease of use, increased security, and the longevity of your window treatments. Join us on a journey where innovation meets elegance, and see why The Blinds Factory stands at the forefront of expertise in motorised blinds.

User Benefits:

We offer a range of exceptional services designed to shape your vision and create unique experiences that stand out.


With no cords or chains, motorised blinds are ideal in environments with babies and young children, ensuring a safer living space.

Ease of Use:

Operating blinds with the touch of a button eliminates the need for stretching or straining. Automation allows for convenient control, enabling installations to be opened, closed, or adjusted effortlessly using timers or sensors.


Sensors and timers automatically activate blinds to provide solar shading, enhancing room temperature and creating a more comfortable living, working, or learning environment.


Motorised blinds, shutters, and awnings with timers and sensors create the illusion of an occupied home, enhancing security when the homeowner is away.


Light sensors or timers prevent sun damage to furnishings and plants, while motorised operation minimises wear and tear, extending the life of the product.


Motorisation offers convenient and easy operation for individuals with limited mobility, providing increased independence.


Large blinds, awnings, and shutters may require motorisation due to their size. The Blinds Factory, experts in motorised blinds, can provide the perfect solution.

Energy Saving

Fuel Bill Reduction:
Automated shading keeps buildings warmer in winter and cooler in summer, reducing the need for heating and air-conditioning, resulting in lower bills.

Emission Reduction:
Decreasing energy requirements contributes to reductions in CO2 emissions.


Blinds at high levels or in inaccessible places benefit from motorisation, ensuring easy and convenient operation.

Links to Other Systems

Once a blind is motorised, it can be seamlessly linked to systems or sensors, including smart controls, enhancing overall functionality and convenience.

Preventing Unauthorised Use

Restricting access to controls prevents unauthorised use of shading, ensuring the system operates as intended.

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