How to Cool Your Home with Blinds During a Heat Wave

Summer is here and the soaring temperatures are leaving no doubt that a blazing season lies ahead. With energy bills skyrocketing due to running air conditioning and floor fans around the clock, many are wondering how to keep their homes cool without breaking the bank. That's where blinds come in! Discover how blinds can block heat and keep your room cool, all while saving you money on energy bills. Read on for a quick exploration of which blinds are best to transform your home from a sweaty sauna to a summer sanctuary and learn how to keep your home cool during the summer heatwave.

Blackout Blinds

One question we frequently receive is whether blackout blinds can keep heat out. The answer is a resounding yes! The specialized, thick blackout fabric works by blocking out sunlight and preventing the room from turning into a hot and stuffy oven. By keeping the room dark during the day, you can ensure your space remains a cool and refreshing oasis. For bedrooms, consider layering your blackout blinds with curtains for even more heat-blocking power.

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